Established in 2006, MasterPage is the expert on web design and web development. Since then, we have been doing many web projects. Nowadays, the development of technology has change the need for website from just a company profile into a lifestyle. Whereas the internet has been very close and can be accessed easily from your hand.

That's why we are using the Responsive Web Design Technology to ensure your website to be displayed perfectly on any devices, not only on the desktop computers but also on the tablets and mobile phones. You may enjoy the optimal viewing experience using the Easy Reading and Navitation System.

To support your business, we develop the mobile application and corporate application, such as the ERP, HRD, CRM, Payroll, etc. We are very experienced on IT infrastructure, networking and whenever you need an IT Consultant, we are prepared to cooperate with your company.

Either to create a powerful image or to extend your product markets, we offered varieties of advertising services, such as the MobileAds, Google Adwords, SosMed Ads, etc.

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